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Cobot Services is a British company specialising in the next-generation disinfection technology. Our robots are sourced from Avalon SteriTech and SoftBank Robotics to provide a gilt-edged service to all our customers at an easily affordable price.


Our highly trained technicians will provide the service your business deserves.

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From initial contact to full disinfection, our service guarantees speed and efficiency.

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Booking is easy either online or via a phone call.

As soon as the booking is confirmed, our technicians will ensure to arrive in your appointed timeslot.

Our technicians will map and execute the disinfection with minimal hassle.

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After disinfection, our production team will give you a film for your social media.
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We have experience in disinfecting a variety of industries

All these public places are susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 and other common pathogens like flu, colds and noroviruses.


Schools, colleges and universities are some of the most vulnerable institutions prone to easily transmissible pathogens.

Care Homes

Care home residents are known to be some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. Infection prevention is paramount.


Clinics need to maintain a sterile environment at all times due to the nature of patients undergoing treatments.


Due to close proximity and sheer variation in people attending nightclubs, many of the facilities can be a hotbed of pathogens.


Gyms can spread bacteria and viruses very easily due to the interaction between gym members.


A pathogen-free environment in any opticians is a necessity, given the nature of work carried out.


The restaurant industry is known to uphold extremely high hygiene standards to maintain their business model.


Offices have thousands of interactions between colleagues and the public and can be a hub for pathogens.


High street and supermarket venues have some of the largest footfall in the community from all walks of life. The need for maintain a pathogen-free environment remains a priority.

Our Partners

Emilia Clarke
SoftBank Robotics
Softbank Robotics EMEA provides humanoid robots and cobots to organisations across the EMEA region, serving a wide range of industries, including retail, education, healthcare, tourism, facilities management and commercial cleaning. Whiz is a product of SoftBank Robotics.
Emilia Clarke
Avalon SteriTech
Avalon SteriTech strives to provide next-generation cleaning, disinfection and sterilization technology infrastructure for public spaces. Gambit is a product of Avalon robotics, a joint venture with the SoftBank Robotics Group.