Fully autonomous, glass & curtain wall cleaning robot.

UK’s first exterior cleaning robot provides a completely new perception on vertical cleaning.

Reimagine Clean: Unleashing the Power of Autonomous Technology.

Impeccable Results

Experience impeccable cleaning results with our advanced technology and achieve a flawlessly clean appearance for your facade, windows, and exterior surfaces.

Weather-Resistant Performance

Our cleaning robot defies all weather conditions, ensuring consistent and reliable performance throughout the year, regardless of rain, snow, or intense sunlight.

Uninterrupted Operations

With its autonomous capabilities, our cleaning robot works tirelessly day and night, providing uninterrupted service to keep your building’s exterior looking its best.

Optimized Efficiency

By implementing our cutting-edge cleaning solution, you’ll experience optimized efficiency, saving both time and money by reducing manual labor requirements and increasing productivity.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Explore the common challenges faced in cleaning and discover effective solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in your cleaning routines.

Current Cleaning Challenges
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